WIUT and CII decided to launch training courses for three most popular units; General Insurance (W01), Insurance Underwriting (WUE), and Insurance Claims Handling (WCE).

Note! To obtain a CII certificate, you must pass three CII unit exams.


Steps of Successful enrolment for the CII certification

Register and book an examination room at CII

Register and book an examination room through the official website of CII in order to receive study materials for exam preparation. Note: You can register for your preferred one unit or for all three units.

- The price of booking exam per unit is 102 GBP (pounds sterling) for candidates who do not have membership in CII. Learn how to become a member

Links for the exam registration:




Register for WIUT face-to-face training.

Register for WIUT face-to-face training by filling out the form or by contacting us. You will receive an email confirming your enrollment. Contact us and find out the course price.

Attend your classes.

After a successful registration in both institutions, candidates will be allowed to participate in the training courses. Note: You can register for exam only and in this case, you will not be able to participate in the trainings.
Attend the examination.

After a successful completion of face-to-face training you will be given extra days for self preparation and then be able to attend in the pre-registered examination, which will be held in the territory of WIUT.
Unit is Completed!

Current steps are applicable for one unit and for other units will be the same and done separately.

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