WIUT established a new partnership with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), a professional institution dedicated to building public trust in the insurance and financial planning profession. Based on this partnership CII Certification in Insurance is now available in Uzbekistan.

What is CII Certification in Insurance?
The CII Certification in Insurance is an internationally-recognised technical and supervisory qualification developing essential knowledge and capability for individuals in the insurance market. It is relevant for both insurance practitioners or individuals requiring deep knowledge of insurance practice as part of their overall responsibilities.

CII Certification learning units:

  • W01 - Award in General Insurance - Introduces the concept of risk and how it is managed, as well as the different categories of risk;
  • WCE - Insurance Claims Handling - Provides basic principle and understanding of the claims handling process;
  • WUE – Insurance Underwriting Provides fundamental knowledge of the role of underwriting.

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